Boat transport experts

You can get a quote for boat transportation by road from Porta Slip. We move boats from boat ramps, your house, a marina, or from a boat dealer. With our experience, speed and precision, we can deliver your boat from one location to another with a high degree of efficiency and skill.


Porta Slip is a locally owned Australian boat transportation company with many years of experience moving boats by road. We provide an affordable transport service to hundreds of locations.


Sydney region

Local transport service provider from boat ramps, homes or marinas.



Fast, reliable interstate transport options for any type of vessel.


Cradle hire

Hire a slip cradle to work on your boat out of the water easily.



Government or commercial marine transport locally or interstate.

Large boats 20 to 57 foot in length transported or towed by road

Porta Slip is a family owned and operated Australian boat transport company with many years of experience moving boats. Porta Slip prides itself on a commitment to safety, integrity, and service. Not only are we a locally owned business, but we are also one of the most trusted and reputable businesses operating in the industry that specialises in wide, heavy loads from 20 to 60 foot in length.

If you’re looking for transportation company in Sydney, Porta Slip offers high-quality, low cost option for Australian consumers. Our staff are friendly and experienced. We aim to do please every single client so you can enjoy the easy, and safe, transportation of your boat on our specially built trailers. When you need to move a marine vessel, call Porta Slip for a free quote. Our fleet of carriers has handled every type of job imaginable – from large cruisers to pontoons or large 20 foot inflatables. You can rest assured that we do everything possible to make sure your vessel arrives safely at your chosen destination.

At Porta Slip we have many years of experience with fast state wide coverage,  everything is handled under one roof, we have everything you need to make the moving process simple. We don’t use a depot or put things into containers or share loads with other cargo – you deal directly with the person who will pick up at a marina, ramp, house or even an auction house like Grays Online.