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Porta Slip is an Australian boat transportation company based in Sydney that helps boat owners move their boat by road.

Peter is the owner of the Porta Slip boat transport company that is based in Carlton, Sydney. His company has been moving large boats for many years with specially built trailers that carry heavy loads by road. He is able to meet you at a local boat ramp to get your boat out of the water or pick up your boat from a marina to be taken locally or interstate.

Peter has transported many different boat types from brands like Searay, Riviera, Caribbean, Regal, Stacer, Yellowfin, Mercury, Proline, and others. Peter can move nearly any type of boat very quickly with his efficient service using purpose-built boat trailers that have built-in protection for each vessel. His customers love him & have left some great reviews over the years.

If you are trying to compare different boat transport companies then it is important to consider the benefits of dealing with Peter at Porta Slip because you work directly with the person who will handle your boat – there is no middle man, no depots or cargo freight containers being used. This can save time, money & make it much easier to move your boat quickly.

Peter from Porta Slip is a professional driver who has many years of experience taking boats by road on all the major freeways in NSW, Queensland or Victoria to visit marinas or boat ramps to collect or drop off a new or used boat.


Porta Slip is a local transportation company

We are one of the most experienced transport companies in Sydney that can large vessels from places like Yowie Bay, Bateman's Bay, Drummoyne or other locations.


Porta Slip is a company that provides interstate transport options

We are one of the most experienced transport companies in Australia that can travel by road between between New South Wales, Queensland or Victoria.

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