How much does boat transport cost?

If you want to find out how much boat transportation will cost all you need to do is provide a few details about the locations we need to travel between & the type of vessel that needs to be moved.

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Fixed price quotes

Boat transport cost from Porta Slip

When we provide a quotation for a transport job we provide a fixed price quotation and agreement. You will know exactly what you are paying for and what is or isn’t included. Any unforeseen costs are added only once verified via a written variation that is agreed upon by both parties. Our quotes include all the necessary fees, charges or costs involved to move your vessel to the requested locations including insurance.

Cost to transport a large 40 foot boat


When we start talking about boats that are 30 foot, 40 foot or even up to 60 foot in length that need to be moved the costs are quite considerable for a number of reasons, namely their size, weight & the safety aspects that have to be considered. These are normally 4 tonnes or more in weight and have to be treated differently to a smaller 20 foot cruiser for example. Depending on the width, length and height it might even require escorts to follow the transport vehicle through various roads or towns.

Towing costs for large boats


In our fleet of heavy load vehicles we have trailers that can suit either towing or carrying a large boat that doesn’t have a trailer. Depending on what type of vessel you have & where it is getting picked up from, we will figure out which way is going to be most suitable. You can get a quote that outlines the cost whether that is to tow your boat or have it loaded onto our trailer. 

Transport costs by road


If you get different fixed price quotes you can then compare each one fairly. You should be considering any additional fees like the use of a crane, marina lifting fees, tolls, excess reduction, fuel, skipper hire or even the time it will take. So for example driving your boat by water might cost $1,000 inc gst compared to $1,500 inc gst to move it by road – but you have to then add the cost of fuel, engine hours, time, potential weather issues plus consider wear & tear. So the initial saving is lost in other areas. You can avoid those issues by getting a quote to transport your boat by road.

Fully insured


Porta Slip has marine insurance coverage which means if anything should happen while it is being moved you will be covered while it is out of the water. We take every precaution to ensure that anything we are moving arrives safely and without damage. We don’t charge extra for insurance coverage, it is included in our quotation.

Minimum hassle


We are a transport company that has moved thousands of boats by road after being granted approval by the owner after receiving our competitively priced cost estimates. Our expertise ensures that every step of the process is smooth, simple & without any hassle so that you can take delivery quickly or get your boat back into the water for use. Our service suits a wide range of budgets.

Interstate moving cost


If you need to get something moved interstate we can help you do that because we drive long distances and across the border quite often. We regularly carry boats by road interstate between Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Gold Cost with very competitive interstate transport costs. How much does it cost to transport a boat interstate will really depend on how far we have to go & the weight of the boat. So from Sydney to Brisbane might cost $800 inc gst or $3,000 inc gst – it just really depends on the vessel & situation.

Dealer or Marina delivery costs


If you want to get something delivered from a dealer they can give you a price that includes delivery normally. Although because they are running a business they will make a margin on this & therefore the transport cost will be higher compared to contracting a transporter. We can give you a fixed price quote to get delivery organised whether that is in New South Wales or interstate. We help deliver boats from online auctions, brokers, marinas or dealers. 

Moving or relocating a boat


Sometimes all you need is a quote to move or relocate your boat from one waterway to another. We get lots of people who love to take their boat out of the water at Rose Bay & take it up to Newport so they can cruise some of the rivers in that region. Other owners will move their boat up from Melbourne in the winter to use it in on the Gold Coast in summer. We move them by road & can even pull them out of the water for you onto our specially built trailer.

The cost to lift a boat out of the water


If you want to find out how much does it cost to lift a boat out of the water then firstly work out why you need to. Instead of paying to use a marina crane to lift it, you can hire us to pull it out at a ramp then take it to a company that does antifouling for example. This method can save you money on using expensive marinas or cranes plus gives your more options for where you can take your boat to. You even have the option of putting it on one of our mobile slip cradles to do the work yourself & save even more money.