Interstate Boat Transport Company

Porta Slip is one of Australia’s best interstate boat transport companies. Get a free quote to transport your boat interstate quickly.

You can hire Porta Slip for interstate boat transport. We use our specially built boat trailers to safely take your boat from a marina, boat dealer or house & take it on the freeways between New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. Porta Slip is a very experienced interstate boat transportation company that has taken many different brands and boat models interstate over the years.

It is a good idea to use a professional transport company like Porta Slip to take large boats interstate so you don’t have to worry about safety, the cost of petrol or buying a trailer. We can pick up your boat from any ramp, boat dealer, marina or even your house to transport it by road to another location. 

You can save money by moving your boat by road instead of driving it on the water. You can even have your boat put onto our trailer using a marina crane or floating it on at a boat ramp. 

Porta Slip has been moving large boats for many years in Australia using his specially built boat trailers. He is able to meet you at a local boat ramp to get your boat out of the water or pick up your boat from a marina.


Interstate boat ramp pick ups

If you want to transport your boat interstate we can pick it up or drop it off at a boat ramp. it is so easy and cheap to do that you don't have to buy a trailer.


Large boat interstate transport

We can transport large boats interstate safely and quickly. You can buy a new or used boat interstate and we will pick it up for you from a boat dealer, marine or the seller's house.


Interstate marina boat pick ups

It is so easy to buy a boat interstate from a marina. We will pick it up for you & take it anywhere you need, even putting it back in the water at a boat ramp.

Interstate boat transport quotes

More information about interstate boat transport

Porta Slip is an experienced boat transportation company that does interstate boat transport for private or commercial boats, either new or used.

We transport boats interstate between east coast states of  New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland. We don’t operate via depots, 3rd party storage areas or marinas, we come to you with our door to door service wherever the boat is located, able to handle all types of marine vessels or watercraft.

It means we can keep your boat moving costs down while providing a personal service.

Our custom built trailers have been developed and designed to make transporting your boat interstate quick, safe and efficient. We can accomodate any situation when it comes to transportation, haulage, moving or relocating. It is cheaper and more cost effective to have your boat transported by Porta Slip compared to hauling it by boat trailer or driving it over water. You can save on engine hours, fuel, time and avoid issues with weather or tides.

We can transport boats or yachts of all types, shapes and sizes and are fully insured. Porta Slip is a professional, specialist transport company for all types of marine vessels. Call, sms or email us for a free quotation for your marine transport needs.

Porta Slip can provide a free quote for interstate boat transport. The cost for interstate transportation depends on;

  • The distance we need to travel.
  • The size of the trailer and truck needed to safely transport your boat.
  • The type of pick or collection site it is e.g Marina, House or Boat Ramp.
  • How quickly you need your boat transported.
  • The size of the boat.
  • The type of boat it is.


To get a cost to get interstate boat transport just use the button below to get a free quotation. Once we have all the details we can provide you with some cost options for transporting your boat from one state to another.