Mobile Slip Cradle Hire

Porta Slip has Australia’s best boat mobile slip cradles for hire. A slip cradle makes it easy to work on your boat anywhere you need to.

Hiring a mobile slip cradle for your boat will solve one of the common problems with owning a boat which is doing maintenance. We can pick up your boat from any ramp and put it onto our mobile slip cradles for hire then take it to a engine repair workshop, storage facility, your home or a marina.

A mobile slip cradle is the easiest way to store your boat so that you can work on it without needing a trailer. Our mobile slip cradles can be used on many different brands of boats in Australia.

Porta Slip has been moving large boats for many years in Australia using his specially built boat trailers. He is able to meet you at a local boat ramp to get your boat out of the water or pick up your boat from a marina.



Anti fouling with a mobile slip cradle

The best thing about a mobile slip cradle is the incredible access you get to the hull. A cradle makes it easier to reach more parts of your boat hull compared to a normal trailer. This makes it easy to do anti fouling for your boat.


Mobile slip cradle for boat restorations

If you need to restore your boat it can be placed on a mobile slip cradle to get worked on, then when it is ready, floated back into the water. Our mobile slip cradles are perfect for boat restoration work.


Boat engine upgrade with a mobile slip cradle

Boat engine repairers love using our mobile slip cradles as it is easy for them to get access to your engines. We can pick you boat up from a boat ramp and take it to the repairer for you.

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More information about our mobile slip cradles

Save time, money and hassle either owning or hiring a boat trailer by using our mobile slip cradle hire service. We will pick up your boat and move it to wherever you need it and the cradle gives you better access to the hull vs a traditional trailer hire and you can work on your boat while it is on the cradle. We understand that moving a boat form one place to other can be stressful and expensive, so our slip hire service makes it affordable and easy to do, we do all the hard work moving your boat for you. You deal directly with us and get pick up and move your boat with our door to door service. We can handle all types of vessels or watercraft our specialised mobile slip cradles have been developed and designed to make moving your boat quick, safe and efficient. You can relocate your boat in Sydney from one marina to another, get it moved to your house, a workshop to have maintenance completed or to another harbour for a holiday. We service most of Sydney from Gosford down to Huskinson and can handle boats up to 28 foot or about 9 metres in size. All of our boat transport services can accomodate any situation when it comes to transportation, haulage, moving or relocating. It is cheaper and more cost effective to have your boat transported by Slip Away’s transportation services compared to hauling it by boat trailer hire or driving it over water. You can save on engine hours, fuel, time and avoid issues with weather or tides.
  • Cruiser boats
  • Fishing boats
  • Deck boats
  • Bowrider boats
  • Cabin cruiser boats
  • Catamaran boats
  • Cuddy cabins boats
  • Centre console boats
  • Gameboats
  • Motoryachts
  • Runabouts
  • Sailboats
  • Trawler boats
  • Walkaround boats
  • Engine servicing.
  • Antifoul the hull.
  • Erosion checks.
  • Boat cleaning.
  • Boat electrical systems.
  • Plumbing & HVAC.
  • Check hinges & tracks.
  • Canvas and upholstery.

Hire a mobile slip cradle for your boat to save time, money and stress while we do all the work for you. Our personal service is door to door meaning we’ll meet you at the boat and move your it where you need it.

Better yet, unlike a traditional boat trailer, we have specifically designed our cradles so you can work on your boat while it is on our slip cradle, including things like anti-fouling. You could even have your boat moved to multiple locations while it is out of the water, our mobile slip cradle is a perfect alternative to boat trailer hire. You can get everything done while it is on the cradle like a vessel wash, detailing, hull restoration, shaft alignments, bearing replacement, alloy anode repairs and more.

  • Move your boat by road in Sydney
  • Float on float off boat pick up options
  • No cranes are normally needed.
  • Boats up up to 5 tonne and 28 foot.
  • Powerboats, cruisers and sailing yachts.
  • It is perfect for a boat survey or insurance checks while out of the water.
  • A mobile slip cradle is shorter than a typical trailer
  • The height of a mobile slip cradle is lower than a boat trailer.
  • We do everything for you when hiring our mobile boat cradles