Boat moving costs if you don’t own a trailer
If you don't own a trailer or have a boat that is too large for your vehicle to be towed, these are your options

Affordable boat transport prices for the east coast of Australia

A boat trailer can cost thousands of dollars to buy & most of the time will just sit and not get used because the boat is in storage. If your boat is too large to tow or you don’t want to buy or hire a trailer then there are alternatives.

  • Leave your boat where it is; how simple right, just leave it and don’t move it, job done, money saved & no costs incurred.
  • Drive your boat by water; just get chugging along the water to wherever you need to get to or the closest marina so they can lift it out for you. Ok common sense right, fair enough.
  • Get your boat towed; yeah you can hire someone to get their boat and tow yours over the water. It’s possible and tug boats will do this for a fee. 
  • Hire a trailer; some places will rent a trailer and you can try getting your boat onto it then tow it. That’s assuming you have a vehicle with a tow ball, the right suspension to deal with the weight & experience driving Sydney’s crap, narrow, roads with a wide load. Oh and we didn’t mention all the time you’ll waste driving it up, getting it on etc plus you’ll probably get dirty at the ramp or even hurt your back.
  • Get a cost for boat transport by road; simple, talk to us and we will give you a fixed price quote to move your boat if you don’t have a trailer.
  • Stick it in a container to be shipped; well maybe this is a good idea if it is getting sent overseas or over to Perth from Sydney. Although really who wants the hassle and how long will it take before you can use it again?
  • Backload haulers; these companies are pretty clever, they have a load going somewhere but a bit of space left over. So they can throw your boat on the back to fill the space & make money off a job that would have cost them time / money anyway. Generally this is good for trailer boats but sometimes can be done for ones without.

Can you transport a boat to another location without a trailer?


The world can be so simple right? Well if you own a little tinny you will be better off getting a bloke with a ute to come pick it up and move it for $50-$100 because you can pick it up and throw it on. Same for a jet ski really. There are so many ‘guy with a van’ options these days you can use.

Although, if you own boat that is 18 foot or larger that isn’t on a trailer then we start getting into heavier loads that need a bit of experience to manage. We typically will move boats that are 20 foot or even 30 foot in length that don’t have trailers & these can be pretty heavy as well.

So its very possible to move your boat to another location even if you don’t own or have access to a trailer. Even if you have just bought a boat at auction online or from a seller interstate that has it in the water, we can pick it up for you with our equipment.

We can move trailer-less boats locally around Sydney or do interstate runs between NSW, QLD & VIC very easily. I travel thousands of kms every year doing exactly that.

Buying a boat at auction or interstate without a trailer


Grays Boat Auctions and local dealers are going off at the moment. With Australian’s restricted from travelling overseas in 2021 so many people are hunting around for a great deal online to buy a used boat at auction or interstate from a seller. Many of these don’t include a trailer because the seller is flogging that off separately to make some money.

What we can do is to do a pick up from another location then deliver your boat to you either at a marina storage yard or straight to a boat ramp – its your choice. Either way we can give you a quote to get it moved without a trailer of any type.

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