Boat transport Sydney to Brisbane
Boat transport Sydney to Brisbane by Porta Slip for a cabin cruiser
We regularly provide boat transport from Sydney to Brisbane. Fast interstate transportation for any boat type

Interstate boat transport from Sydney to Brisbane

The most popular interstate boat transport route that we get asked to travel with boats is from Sydney to Brisbane. It is no surprise considering the wide array of choices for boat owners to use their vessels around the waterways in the Queensland capital city.

Boat transport by road vs by sea from Sydney to Brisbane

A lot of people will try and compare the difference between getting their boat transported interstate from Sydney to Brisbane by road compared to driving it by sea. If you are experienced as a skipper and have a suitable boat that can deal with the open ocean then this may be possible & could be a great adventure that is taken over a few days.

Although the cost can be quite high in terms of risk, engine hours as well as wear and tear on your boat dealing with the impact of travelling on the ocean.

By sea the distance is about 475 nautical miles and can take two days at sea averaging about 10 knots. Going by road it is around 900 kms that can be done in one or two days – assuming you have the right tow vehicle & suitable trailer.

If you can’t be bothered reading any more then just hit the quote button to get a fixed price quote to get your boat moved by road. When you start weighing up all those considerations it becomes more attractive to get it moved by road. So either local or interstate transportation options become much more viable.

What is the cost to get boat transport from Sydney to Brisbane by road?

The million dollar question – guess what? We don’t actually know. Yes, yes you might get annoyed you have read this far and there is no price, but the simple answer is it could be $2,500 inc gst or $15,500 inc gst, it all depends on the size, distance, length & weight of what is being moved. 

So we have to know those things before we can provide an accurate cost to get your boat moved from Sydney up to Brisbane.

You might still be thinking that sounds crazy, but think about the millions of boat model variations, the hundreds of locations in Sydney or Brisbane that we can go to etc – the possibilities are endless, therefore it is hard to give an accurate guide on price.

Let’s compare two examples;

15 foot fishing boat, 1 tonne, value $15,000, Nelson Bay to Jacobs Well – that is about 735kms for a relatively small, light boat. So a day trip using a smaller tow vehicle and trailer.

50 foot cruiser, 7 tonnes, value $350,000, Batemans Bay to Nudgee Beach – so that is around 1,220 kms for a large boat that will require heavy load escorts and might take a few days considering the slower travel time, longer loading / unloading times, refuelling etc.

As you can see the differences are huge and that is why the costs vary so much. We are happy to help talk through any scenario you may have, just contact us & we’ll get your boat up to Brisbane quickly.


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