Large boat relocation choices in Australia
Large boat relocation company
We provide large boat relocations with a door to door service that moves them by road between NSW, QLD & VIC

Professional large boat relocation company

Our company, Porta Slip, can relocate your boat, whether it is a fishing boat or a cruiser, either short distance or long distances. We have been providing big boat relocation services for many years & made it easy for many owners to move their boat to a new destination by road. 

According to Maritime Safety Queensland, more than 1,000 new boats were registered in 2021 from simple tinnies to cabin cruisers or bowriders to centre consoles. People who cancel their overseas vacations and stay at home have chosen to spend their money on other things, such as buying a large boat for the family to enjoy in Australia in the wake of cancelling their holiday spending.

Quite a few people do not realize that, in Australia, relocating a large boat is quite easy. Peter founded Porta Slip to serve this very purpose and has become one of the best boat movers in Australia. There are a lot of people that are scared by the size, weight and value of a large boat so they just keep it in the water or keep it at a marina rather than considering getting their boat transported by road to use it at another location.

Moving large boats to another location by road

Large boat relocation by road

It is still possible to relocate a boat even if it is bigger than 25 feet and that is why boat relocating has become so popular in recent years – use it in a waterway in the north in winter and in the south in summer to get the best of all seasons. We are often towing vessels that are 25 feet or longer, even 30 or 50 footers that weigh 3 tonnes to lots of different waterways. 

Some people might get confused about what is a big boat or the difference between a large boat or motor yacht. I guess for the purpose of this information we consider a big boat to be anything longer than 25 foot because this is when they become pretty big, wide & heavy with an average driver or vehicle will begin to struggle moving something that big safely.

Depending on just how large the boat is, there are a few options you can consider;

  • Relocate a boat on its existing trailer.
  • Relocate it using a professional boat transport company.
  • Get the boat lifted out of the water onto a haulage trailer.
  • Hiring a skipper & crew to drive it by water.
  • Organise for a heavy haulage freight company to pick up & deliver it to a depot.

You will have to choose the most appropriate method based on a variety of factors such as how quickly you need the vessel and how far you need to move it. All of these factors are going to vary depending on the size, weight and height of the vessel with some situations enabling the choice of door to door delivery.

A lot of large boat owners will opt for getting it delivered by water, but you might have to buy special insurance, provide the captain and crew with provisions and/or accommodations for the trip & in a lot of cases you also have to pay for flying the captain and crew home after the delivery is complete. If the boat and crew get stuck in a distant port for days at a time due to bad weather or flights are cancelled then you might even need a contingency plan.

Can you relocate a boat that doesn't have a trailer?

Boat relocation from a river ramp

Porta Slip is a cost-effective large boat relocation specialist who provides a unique transport service that gives you the choice of either relocating from any boat ramp, your local marina or even from your home. Different towing vehicles and trailer options are available to meet the needs of these different scenarios to offer boat transport in Sydney or other locations.

When you choose to use our relocation service, you will benefit from the flexibility that we are able to provide you There is no messing around with multiple contractors because you deal directly with us. Our company will drive to your nominated location to pick up your boat and then drive it to the destination where it needs to be re-located, we provide our contact information so you can keep track of it each step of the way.

Using a transportation company that specializes in moving heavy loads by road is a better and cheaper method of moving a boat than taking it by water. As you do not need to buy fuel, hire a skipper, or increase the engine hours in your boat, you will be able to save money. Additionally, it is safer & more reliable since we can still move something even if there is bad weather or high swells – it takes a simple trip on a major freeway or a highway to get to the new location.

So just make the list to compare relocation costs vs other options;

  • no large fuel costs
  • no wear and tear
  • no extra engine hours
  • no breakdowns mid-ocean
  • virtually no delays from bad weather.

Relocating a large trailer boat long distances

Large 30 foot boat getting relocated by road

If you own a trailer boat then you will probably already be used to relocating it yourself. Although if you have lost confidence in doing this or need to go interstate, then of course we can do this for you. We can either tow or carry your trailer boat using our haulage equipment. This is a great option for people that don’t have the time or experience to feel comfortable trailering a boat yourself for long distances or to unfamiliar locations.

If you were thinking of relocating your boat from Sydney to the Gold Coast well you are in luck, this is probably our most popular route. So many people love the idea of getting their boat into the family-friendly waters around the Gold Coast that have lots of protected areas to swim in that are also great for the kids. You can take your boat with you on holiday, just contact us to get a boat relocation quote.

Our boat transporting service even extends to helping people buy a boat interstate. You might see something you like via an online advertisement but notice it is located in another state. No problems. We can drive to that location and pick the boat up for you & then float it into the water even if it doesn’t already have a trailer.

The best places to relocate your boat to in Australia?

As soon as you begin to realise that it is possible to move your boat & use it in another location, it opens up all types of exploration opportunities. Instead of just using your boat in the same location year after year, you can move around and explore some of the best places in Australia for fishing & holidaying.

The Gippsland Lakes, Victoria

Situated around 250km southeast of Melbourne and fed by five major rivers, including the Mitchell, Tambo, and Nicholson rivers, the Gippsland Lakes system is among the largest tidal waterways in Australia. These sheltered waters stretch from Lakes Entrance to Sale, linking together the Victoria, Wellington, and King lakes. Covering around 420 square km, the Gippsland Lakes provide mesmerising waterfalls, stunning marine life, as well as an abundance of outdoor activities such as fishing, water skiing, and camel riding, truly offering an ideal adventure for any size and type of boat.


Clarence River, Queensland

It’s 115 kilometres by water from the ocean to the first rapids, then another 200 kilometres to its source on the Queensland border. Even 150 kilometres upstream, there are 30 metre deep holes amid the gorges and cliffs. They don’t call the Clarence River the ‘Big River’ for nothing. Even ocean-going yachts can cruise from the ocean ports of Yamba and Iluka up to the city of Grafton, although taller masts might require the lift span on the Harwood Bridge (on the Pacific Highway) to be raised.

Sugarcane fields, rainforest and historic port towns line this river of plenty, where you can dine on local subtropical produce and gorge on the best prawns in the country. The Clarence River is home to the biggest wild Australian bass in the country, while the Nymboida tributary hosts whitewater canoeists and the protected eastern freshwater cod. In the estuary, mulloway, flathead and bream are abundant.


Jervis Bay, NSW

There are enough boating opportunities packed into the waters from Shoalhaven Heads to St Georges Basin to keep you happy for the rest of your life. The jewel in the crown is Jervis Bay. The bay itself is 15 kilometres long and 10 kilometres wide, with stunningly clear water and brilliant white sands – and is the focal point of the Jervis Bay Marine Park. The Australian Navy also loves the place enough to maintain a base on its southern shores.

Name a watersport and Jervis Bay will oblige with a fun place for it with more than 50 kilometres of the Shoalhaven River is navigable by the average trailer boat and offers prime fishing for bream, bass and mulloway throughout the year. Offshore, the marlin grounds are close and huge kingfish regularly prowl below the sheer cliffs.

To the south, St Georges Basin and its sea entrance, Sussex Inlet, form the most productive recreational fishing haven in New South Wales. Since commercial netters were bought out, catches of big bream, whiting and massive flathead have soared.

Over a dozen uniquely different towns and villages nearby suit every taste and budget, so there’s good reason to stick around for a while & there is even luxury holiday rental accommodation like Shearwater that is on Callala Beach.


Port Stephens, NSW

Half-an-hour’s drive north of Newcastle lies a natural boating heaven. To the east there are craggy islands and headlands, billfish-rich currents and remote seamounts. Inland, there’s a complex network of interlinked coastal lakes and rivers abounding in wildlife. It all radiates from the watery hub of Port Stephens.

One day you can be watching whales as you haul in mahi mahi or snapper, the next you could be kilometres up a narrow channel between vast coastal lake systems, surrounded by swans and forest in the middle of the Myall Lakes National Park.

The Port Stephens-Great Lakes Marine Park extends below the high-tide line but there remain plenty of places to catch a fish for dinner or tow a wakeboard.

This area is extremely boat-friendly, with abundant ramps, moorings and parking, a brilliant marina and plenty of hire boats and marine businesses. Each town or village around Port Stephens has its own charm and can be reached by road or water.

Anglers flock to the NSWGFC Interclub gamefishing tournament in late summer and the annual Trailer Boat Fishing Tournament in autumn, and the good fishing continues throughout the year.


Hawkesbury, NSW

There are no grander waters in this country than Sydney Harbour and the nearby Broken Bay-Hawkesbury system. These deep valleys were carved by ancient rivers through millennia of Hawkesbury sandstone. One waterway is almost as it was in 1788 – the other is the most sophisticated boating venue in Australia.

Boat ramps are scattered around the Harbour’s foreshores and marinas and yacht clubs abound. Home to the start of the world-renowned Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, there are a large number of sailing events on the waterway every week.

Believe it or not, the Harbour also has some of the best fishing in the state. There’s been no commercial fishing for several years and water quality improvements mean a thriving environment for yellowtail kingfish, bream, mulloway, whiting, flathead, tailor and most other temperate species.

Humpback whales often call in for a visit during their migration, as do a host of tropical fish such as mackerel and tuna, while the offshore grounds are famous for blue, black and striped marlin and other gamefish.

If Sydney Harbour nurtures humanity, Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River system highlight nature’s glory, with dense native forests and national parks adjoining deep, sheltered cruising grounds.There are numerous safe anchorages throughout the Hawkesbury River and the adjoining Cowan Creek system, along with some world-class marinas. Boaters could spend their entire lives exploring this unique part of the world – and always find something new!

The fishing, particularly for mulloway, bream and bass, is excellent from September to May, while Broken Bay (where this massive system enters the ocean) is a popular recreational fishery throughout the year for Australian salmon, yellowtail kingfish and myriad other species.



Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

With epic views over Mornington Harbour, this pier is home to Mornington Yacht Club, boasting a sheltered deep water harbour for the boaties, and a clubhouse with a restaurant right on the water’s edge for visitors. There are so many options all around the peninsular whether you love fishing or just want to cruise around. We can drop your boat into the water at most of the boat ramps and you can even go across to do a drip along the Great Ocean Road.


The Whitsundays, Queensland

Known as being one of the best places in Australia for relaxing and indulgent vacations, the Whitsunday islands can provide you with some of the most incredible boating experiences as well. Offering pristine white-sand beaches and calm crystal-clear waters ideal for relaxed sailing and cruising, the stunning scenery in the Whitsundays will truly make you feel like you’re in paradise.

With mesmerizing corals, colorful fish, and an abundance of interesting marine life such as stingrays and sea turtles, the Whitsundays also provide some brilliant snorkeling and diving opportunities, making it an ideal boating destination for anyone from families to those who’d simply like to taste a little slice of heaven.

We can get your boat up to Airlie Beach where it can be dropped into the water to then cruise around all the islands.

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