Why is getting a boat moved by road better than via water
Moving a boat via road transport can be cheaper, faster & more direct compared to alternative options. See how you can save money

Boat transportation by road is fast & affordable in Australia

A boat owner typically will use their vessel in their local area if it’s moored in a waterway close to where they live & they don’t own a tow vehicle or trailer. So for some people, this can get a little boring & what happens is the boat is used less often that initially hoped. 

Think about it, once you’ve seen the same scenery a few times it can potentially get a bit repetitive right? So then you start thinking how can you get it to another location, a different waterway or bay.

The most natural thought for any boat owner is it would need to be driven by water, but not all boat types are suitable for travelling on open ocean, not to mention the safety risks. 

The next option is moving it by road & that is where the fun begins, but, it can cost less while being a faster alternative.

Why move a boat by road haulage instead of driving it by water?

If you can’t be bothered reading any more then just hit the quote button to get a fixed price quote to get your boat moved by road. 

Let’s say you have your boat sitting in Sydney Harbour, you can take it up Parramatta River or out past the heads close to Manly but that is about it. If you want to explore Hawkesbury River near Brooklyn or around Newport you’d have to drive it up the South Pacific Ocean to get it up there. For boats smaller than 20 foot this can be a bit daunting, especially if you aren’t an experienced skipper.

You could hire a skipper to do it for you, but that adds more cost, hassle & you have someone else driving your boat that you don’t even know. Then consider the engine hours, wear & tear plus the risks involved. To get a move driven by water from Melbourne to Cairns is 1,950 nautical miles and up to 8 days of travel. This is compared to 2,495 kms by road that takes up to 3 days. 

When you start weighing up all those considerations it becomes more attractive to get it moved by road. So either local or interstate transportation options become much more viable.

What is the cost in Australia to move a boat by road

Some owners might own a large 4WD, ute or SUV that can pull a heavy load, fair enough it means you can do it yourself. The issue here is the damage it can do to your vehicle, the cost of a trailer & the space needed to store an unused trailer if the boat is kept in the water. You could hire a boat trailer but who knows if it will be good enough or perfectly suited for your needs. Lastly, if you have never towed a heavy load it isn’t as easy as it seems – the weight, length & turning circle can create all kinds of pain in the backside problems most people can’t be bothered with.

So yes, while this whole story is self serving to convince you to use our service, the facts are pretty real. You don’t have to waste money buying or hiring a trailer, especially when it could be a one off move. 

You can get a quote to get your boat moved by road which might cost as little as $500 inc gst depending on the size, distance & weight of it. Then there is the saving of time, stress & risk on your part. The only thing you have to worry about is what you are going to wear on the day or eat for breakfast while we are driving on the road.

What is the the cost to lift a boat out of the water?


One of the things people don’t realise is that we can lift your boat out of the water by just going to a local ramp. We don’t need to use a crane or a forklift which keeps the costs down. It can be floated onto our trailer to be moved by road or dropped onto our mobile slip cradle to get worked on. It is the cheapest and easiest way to get your boat out of the water.


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